Welcome to our website…. My name is Marwan Jaber, and I am – as well as my wife- the founder of RAMPSTONE , the electronics online shopping website.

Hence, RAMPSTONE is a family property, launched recently in 2019 as online business.

As business market is growing along with the financial needs, we decided to start our business in order to comply with the global pace and reach as many consumers as possible. But there was another couple of reasons for taking this step.

The first one is that; since I was working with a friend of mine, a polite lady in NGO field, that performs do-good activities concerning children and recent-continuous refugee crisis round the world -aside to the family business-, I figured out that this kind of activities needed a bigger budget than such organization could afford to provide satisfaction to the children and vulnerable families her organization serves.

So, I thought that through my business I would be able to support any do-good organization with some of my income. That won’t affect the business nor the income. And that’s what I’m doing now.

And the second reason was the environmental issues which have become a continuous nightmare we live day and night, and have awakened concerns about the future of our children, children around the world, and all living species as well.

So here you can read awareness articles whenever you visit our website. That way, we can correct our wrong and harmful practices against nature and build a better future for all.

And since the internet can reach billions of people, we, my wife and I, found in that such a good opportunity to spread awareness beside and through our business. That keeps connection between personal and social issues, which is so crucial and significant in terms of individual’s responsibilities as a part of community and humanity.


As a business platform, RAMPSTONE provides best prices and quality products from their source (Amazon), which is trustworthy and so helpful to consumers who look for such stuff in most of their searches. And it would be profitable to us as a matter of fact as well, no secret.

We help you as well to know what is happening around with those who suddenly found themselves in shelters with a piece of clothes covering their bodies without a descent support. We provide you a link to know the need and do the needful.


Having said that, and in return, we offer our visitors and/or shoppers some helpful and useful knowledge and awareness in regard to the above mentioned concerning issues…. which result good satisfaction feeling to us as our message gets delivered, and to the visitors as well, then hopefully the better tomorrow won’t be so far.

So we do help people get good deals, and we help them get knowledge and awareness as well. That’s our prospective and GOAL.

Should you ever need support or have any questions, please do not hesitate to write us below and we will be so happy to help you out.

All the best,

Marwan Jaber



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