We all live in an open world full of good and evil. Definitely, we wish the good for ourselves, but do we wish the same for others as well? You would say yes…. Are we proving that practically?

Here is the thing…. when you know the need, then you may do the needful. Do we even try to know who needs our support?

Unfortunately, not all of us do. Most of us keep eye blind and shut our faces away from the vulnerable although we are able to give, and then we say, “we do care!”


If we are waiting till we become rich, then we might never be good at all… but It is way easier than this my friends. If we eat half cookie and keep the other half for tomorrow, some people out there don’t have both. One cookie, we eat and keep, others don’t keep and don’t eat at all.

What is better than sharing in this world can spread love and peace?

With our humble business, we decided to spare a portion of our profit for the sake of vulnerable. We cannot give more? Fine, we won’t stop at this point.

Here we are inviting you to share us this humble work, by the simplest thing you can do while shopping, which is in fact ‘do nothing but purchase’. You just should know that while you are shopping, some small amount of what you would pay is reaching someone in need, and definitely he/she would be so happy with that. Very simple.


Fine, if you think you can be more helpful to the needy, and you wish to be more involved, can buy one or more of items directly from the vulnerable. They would be more than happy earning money instead of receiving aids. These items are provided on OUR GALLERY page.


Well, that would be so generous from you. If you have extra money, and would like to share with, and if you are seeking nothing in return but blessing; then DO-GOOD page is where you have to head. It is where you can donate and get blessed… simply.


We would like to say at the end of this post that we are so humble, so happy and so proud of what we are trying to do. Yet, we’ll be even happier if we inspire you to do the same and / or tell others how to share feels like.

All the best from the admin family, and should you have any comments and feedback, we will be so happy listening to you in order to improve our services.





Dear visitor, allow us to welcome you to RAMPSTONE. This website is newly established in 2019, to mainly provide electronics online shopping. We offer laptops, mobile phones, TVs, and other best buy electronics, just like most popular online shopping sites.


While surfing on our website, you will find all brands on Amazon and ebay official website at best prices. Choose your item, purchase it, and get it delivered right to your provided address.

Among the electronic products found here, you will find paintings for sale as well. Those fine-art works are offered for the do-good purpose. (See OUR GALLERY).

As well, you will find articles on environment issues and awareness articles to read and learn about, for the good of human future.

If you purchase any products offered on this website, other than the fine arts, a little portion of the profits will go to the charitable activities (read more).

But for the fine-art works, they are owned by their artists and all their profit will go to the artist’s own accounts. (read more).

That translates our aim to make the world a better place for living along with the business we run. We wish that we could inspire all people to think about having a do-good activity along with any work they do and any business they run.

That would be so beautiful and will definitely spread love and peace round the globe.


RAMPSTONE provides you an opportunity to practice a do-good activity while shopping without any additional cost or effort. Every item you purchase has something to do with the do-good process.

A portion of what we earn goes to registered and legal NGO organizations as donations. Those NGO’s serve the Syrian families (who fled to different countries away from the war), and other vulnerable families and individuals, children, woman empowerment, fighting poverty activities, and many humanitarian development projects.

In addition, they spread awareness and implement projects concerning environment and health of our Earth planet.

So, do-good on the walk is awesome, and it doesn’t cost you a single penny. You purchase here, but on the backstage you are donating and helping people stand up and move on.


Although free donation while shopping, and learning about our environment and getting awareness tips
is something so good to have and find on such website, yet another DO-GOOD space is available.

If you wish to contribute with a tiny portion of your pocket-money directly for the sake of vulnerable children and families, here you can find an opportunity to do that.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we should never forget that DO-GOOD should always be present and have space in our lives. We provide here an opportunity for all visitors to do what they feel right and deserve a tiny portion of our attention, which would be definitely enormous in terms of needy brothers and sisters.

Our aim is to keep a link that connects individuals and societies round the world with humanity activities, even while doing business or minding our own stuff.

Business may keep us alive if we work alone, but it will more probably keep others alive as well if we work together as one society and feel like one nation.

All donations on this website go to children and their families of Syrian refugees and others, in association with USoS Organization and others as well, who are concerned about  children protection issues, fighting poverty, women empowerment, development projects and environmental issues.

Join us if you wish and get blessed.

KNOW the need…. and  DO the needful.



Donation is not the only direct do-good activity we can practice, but buying stuff from vulnerable people – the artists for instance- is pretty great thing to do as well, especially when we know that those artists are really vulnerable and trying to keep their pride and dignity by working and earning instead of begging help.

                                                         Artist: Bassem Baladi

Hence, selling their fine-art works here helps them earn money with pride instead of receiving aids, and that opportunity is provided to you here on Our Gallery to help them do that. You can navigate through our website, read ABOUT US page and read articles that may result better understanding to why this website has been created.


We wish our message has been delivered, and has found people who adopt our prospective, and follow the same path in their own lives.

We would like to hear you saying what you think help improve and develop this website. We welcome your valuable comments and suggestions.

Thank you so much for your time visiting RAMPSTONE, and reading this introduction, and we wish you a happy tour.

Please leave your comments hereunder, and we will be more than happy listening to your say.

Have a nice tour.